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Keep the passion in your relationship regardless of the distance

Keep the passion in your relationship regardless of the distance

Keeping the passion alive while being far away is viewed as normal under the life of a truck driver. This is a task that requires respect and a lot of communication between the two people in the relationship. The work of truckers is difficult because they have to be away from home for a long time, the rapprochement must be constant. Today, we have easy access to technology and we can always be connected by video calls.

The main causes of distance are usually:
- Passage of the years, monotony and routine;
- Lack of time;
- Emotional or physical distance;
- Other people that negatively affect the relationship (infidelity, bad advice, etc.)

For the truckers and their respective partners to rekindle the passion of their relationship, both must take responsibility for it and once they identify the cause, they must continue the action in search of the solution. Some suggestions to keep the passion in the relationship are:

1- Have good communication:
It’s recommended that truckers communicate with their partners and vice versa. It’s important for both of you to say your feelings to fix any problems. It helps to strengthen the relationship when there is communication.

2- Be thoughtful
The detail towards a partner is very important, it shows that he or she is always important. Either with a souvenir that you buy on the road or if you arrive with a bouquet of flowers bought at the exit of the fwy’s or if you send a romantic song by message. Those details brighten the day and further strengthen the relationship.

3- Free of distractions
Truckers spend a lot of time away from home, so when they return it’s important to spend time with the partner and family. Don`t just focus on their pleasures, like being with friends, watching soccer all day, or watching videos on the phone. Once they have had fun with the family they can meet up with friends or watch their favorite sport.

4- Increase the self-esteem
Worrying about your physical appearance is important, whether you are a man or a woman. Don’t neglect your physical appearance, even if you are at home. You must be clean, trim your nails, remove nose hairs, shave, have clean teeth, nice haircut, and wear scented clean clothes.

5- Enjoy intimate encounters to the fullest
Sex should happen if both parties are wanting it to happen, it’s not enough that only one is interested in it. If innovations, such as some kind of game, are added to the desire to be together, these sexual encounters will be much more fun and pleasant. Keeping the spark of passion burning.

Sex at the Wheels


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2021