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New Smartwatch: Only For Truckers

New Smartwatch: Only For Truckers

Garmin released the Instinct® 2 – d?zl™ Edition, a complete smartwatch ideal for professional truck drivers and their lifestyles. The gadget is built to have a long lifespan because it comes equipped with a sweat-proof silicone band and a very shatter-resistant glass screen. Its battery can last for 28 days if the trucker activates the smartwatch mode.

The health of the truck drivers is very important for the transportation sector, and with this gadget, truckers can keep an eye on their health in and out of the cab and continuously monitor their:

- Hydration
- Sleep
- Heart rate
- Calories burned
- Daily steps
- Stress and more

In addition to these important health metrics, truckers can better take care of their health by practicing short-break workouts from tutorials that can be watched directly from their smartphones through the dezl app. The benefits of using this easy-to-use and complete smartwatch extend to other important aspects of truck drivers` lifestyles and routines, such as:

- Access to member loyalty program information from select trucking plazas, like Love`s Travel Stops and Pilot Flying J Travel Centers.
- Utilize reward point balances and also set contactless payments to pay directly from the gadget.
- Set break timers to make plans for stops along the route and get reminded through notifications.
- Economize truckers` time by providing PrePass® notifications for the upcoming U.S. weigh stations and bypass decisions. (This will require an active PrePass account and use of the d?zl app on the trucker`s smartphone).

Please visit Garmin`s official website to learn more about Instinct® 2 – d?zl™ Edition:

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