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Safety Notifications in the palm of your hand

Safety Notifications in the palm of your hand

The trucker app, Drivewyze® Preclear, helps truck drivers and fleets save money and time by providing them bypass weigh stations through mobile devices across the US. Free access to their safety notifications alert system is now being offered to all Preclear’s subscribers.

When a truck equipped with Drivewyze is getting closer to low bridges and high-rollover areas, the vehicle receives a warning via a visual alert, on top of an audible tone. The rollover alerts are set on specific curves and exits with ramps, and the driver will receive a notification once they are within 1000 feet to one of them.

A 2017 FMSCA’ report revelated that more than 14,000 rollover crashes involving trucks dramatically ended in 170 fatalities. Also 4,200 collisions happened by driver error, and in low bridge strikes.

Drivewyze executed a pilot program with some of their key customers to test the alerts. They discovered that, in the alerted curves, there was a significant speed lowering in the risk area, impacting positively and reducing speed incidents when the alerts were used by the truck drivers.

Other studies done by Drivewyze, prove that trucks going 5 mph over the speed limit signalized in curves have double the chance of being involved in a potential accident than a driver going within the speed limit.

Drivewyze made this happen by working together with law enforcement and law statement partners, identifying the most relevant trouble spots for rollovers. Then, Drivewyze geo-fenced around 500 curves in 32 different states.

This helpful service is available across the country and is delivered by Drivewyze ELD reseller partner network, such as Transflo, Omnitracs, Switchboard and others.

For more information about Drivewyze please visit the website

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 3/2020