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Save lots of money by doing the oil change yourself

Save lots of money by doing the oil change yourself

Thanks to Fumoto SX-Series Engine Oil Drain valve. Which it`s built and composed by the oil flow control body and the through bolt. The quality of these Japanese valves does not need an adapter to be installed.

The valve has a 360-degree rotation which helps increase its protection. Obstructions are avoided because of its simple installation and because the through bolt can be adjusted separately from the valve body.

The company affirms that their Engine Oil Drain Valve was created to avoid any leakage and was tested before entering the market. The valve`s secure locking system now makes it impossible to have accidental openings while the trucker is driving under normal conditions.

However, driving in rough terrains or in places such farmlands, off-road or logging, may cause some objects to hit the oil drain area. Fumoto recommends installing a lever clip in the valve to avoid any accidental openings since this it will assure that the lever is kept in the locked position.

Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve`s stainless steel, forged brass, and resistant to corrosion will provide years of trouble-free driving to truckers. The company even assures that its valve has a lifespan higher than your own vehicle.

For more information about Fumoto SX-Series Engine Oil Drain valve please visit the website

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2019