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Stretching Upon Waking leads to more Pleasant Days

Stretching Upon Waking leads to more Pleasant Days

Truckers need their body to function perfectly when they are on the road. Therefore, it’s important that they stretch especially when waking up and leaving relaxation mode. This helps optimize the perception that truckers have of their body, in addition to activating their bodies.

When sleeping, our bodies enter a relaxed sleep mode. Stretching the muscles while in bed will favor their activation in a less abrupt way, in addition to recovering muscle tone to its normal state. If truckers adopt the habit of stretching their body even while in bed, they will begin to notice the following benefits:

1. Reduction of stress and increased sense of well-being, thanks to the release of tension accumulated by muscles when they are in bad posture when sleeping.
2. The muscles are activated and properly prepared for the activity that the truckers will develop on the road, since the act of stretching sends more signals to the brain of the truck drivers that prepare them adequately for their day.
3. It favors the awareness that the truck drivers have of their posture, because if the truck drivers have control over the different parts of their body, they can improve their motor coordination and move with better control over their muscles.
4. The rate of breathing improves as the truckers stretches their body.
5. Decreases the stiffness of the body acquired during the rest period, stretching helps to increase the flexibility that the truckers’ joints need to drive.
6. It favors the increase of the blood circulation in the muscles of the truckers. Thanks to this, the muscles have better irrigation, something extremely important for truck drivers who will spend many hours behind the wheel.

Main recommendations:

- When waking up, truckers should perform gentle stretches, nothing abrupt. Since the gentle movements will activate the muscles in the way they need.
- During the stretch, truckers should avoid holding their breath, since this behavior could increase intra-abdominal pressure and it is possible that the truck drivers feel muscle fatigue prematurely.
- It is very important that truckers be careful and maintain good body posture while stretching.
- For better information, truck drivers should ask their doctor what are the most appropriate exercises for their case and the appropriate postures to do when stretching, thus avoiding damage to other parts of their body.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2021