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Tech Features Providing Fleets with more Safety

Tech Features Providing Fleets with more Safety

KeepTruckin, a fleet management platform that the ELD application is their mainstay and that has more than has a million of drivers already registered on their system, has enhanced their optional feature Smart Dashcam on the company’s mobile platform.

The newest 4 features of KeepTruckin’ platform: sensor fusion, video recall, video annotation and in-app driver coaching, are based on machine learning to detect behaviors related to dangerous incidents.

Sensor fusion:

This functionality combines gyroscope data with accelerometer, GPS speed and the speed of the vehicle to recognize high risk events and to evaluate the data from the driving performance in the driver scorecards.

Video recall:

This feature gives the possibility to managers of getting the video footage of up to the last 35 hours of driving time. Thanks to the use of machine-driven algorithms provide by KeepTruckin events that can be considered as important are identified and analyzed by the feature providing to fleet managers important data and context about incidents.

Video annotation:

With this functionality the events automatically receive a tag describing the previous context of the incident, saving fleet managers’ time since they can select the events they will verify first.

In-app driver coaching:

It’s an interesting tool that provides to the drivers the chance to accede to data related to safety performance in order to boost driver’s awareness and educate them by using the driving history as base.

According to the company, the fleets that use the Smart Dashcam have already seen positive results, since the number of critical events has decreased. For more information about KeepTruckin’s Smart Dashcam please visit the website

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 9/2019