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The new electric transmissions for trucks

The new electric transmissions for trucks

The transportation industry is completely captivated by electrification technology for CMVs, especially on Allison Transmission’s technology, which has been manufacturing electric transmissions since 2003. We are going to share some information about why you should consider this technology for your fleet:

- Heavy and Medium duty vehicles are already equipped with electric transmissions

For the last year, fleet companies are learning from new testing models of trucks and buses by collecting its data on the road. The data collected will allow owners to learn about lower fuel costs and minimal noise as well as optimizations to better understand the vehicles under various situations. Fleets are also trying to better position themselves towards competitors by absorbing new technologies before general adoption.

Allison Transmission has been one of these testers, using their classic 3000 and 4000 transmission series with electric motors, highlighting a faster acceleration from the electric motor by multiplying the torque as well as being more efficient energy wise.
From a battery point of view, there is a continuous improvement, bigger range, lower weights and better integration. Batteries for commercial applications might not be perfect for every application. On the other hand, they are a great solution for city usage of low mileage, not more than 100 miles daily.

- Powerful e-axle system

Thanks to the advances made in torque and power, Alisson’s AXE Series is the most potent in market for medium and heavy vehicle worldwide and its system is integrated by:
• Multi-speed gearbox
• Single or dual electric motors
• Oil pumps and coolers

It is not necessary to include support structures and driveshafts, which is what makes the design of AXE series a bolt-in system and assures the correct performance of the installation process.

- Electrification will help fleet to meet regulations

As of 2021, state and federal rules regarding the reduction of gas and other emissions will increase. The legislation in California will tighten by 2021 and EPA, NOx and GHG will take effect in 2023.
Choose electrification in order to decrease noise and air contamination. It will also optimize the efficacy of the transmissions and engine. In addition, it will comply with the new legislations and standards which makes it a great option for fleet companies.

- Long-term investment

The upfront investment of the fleets in charging systems and electric trucks will be compensated over time in comparison to the expenses made in diesel fuel trucks and while complying with the new emissions regulation.

For more information about Alisson Transmission please visit the website

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