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Tobacco and the oral health of truck drivers

Tobacco and the oral health of truck drivers

Smoking tobacco can bring serious damage and consequences for the life of truckers, especially for their oral organ which has the most direct contact with those substances. The main signs that may appear in the mouths of smoking truckers are:

• Bad appearance of the mouth
The aesthetics of the teeth are affected, because yellow or brown spots may appear on the teeth and gums. The same can happen with dentures.

• Reduction in smell and taste
Through cigar consumption, both senses can be affected, making it more difficult to smell and taste the flavor of food.

• Wound healing problems
There are different studies that indicate that the smoker may have slower wound healing processes, and have a higher risk of infections and more painful post-ops.

• The smoker is more prone to oral infections
Truckers who smoke are at greater risk of diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis.

• Smoking truckers may not qualify for dental implants
Due to excessive consumption of cigarettes there is no guarantee that this treatment will work. In the process of drilling the bone to continue with the implant, the organism may not respond as expected and the implant will not last long.

• Smoking truck drivers are at risk of oral cancer.
Scientifically it has been proven that the substances that tobacco has are highly carcinogenic. The probability that a smoking truck driver develops oral cancer is very high and increases even more if the truck driver usually drinks a lot of alcohol.

• Changes in saliva
The composition and quantity of the saliva of a smoker truck driver suffer alterations thanks to the substances present in tobacco smoke. The saliva of the truck driver who smokes has more bacteria, consequently, more predisposition for cavities to appear. Not to mention the bad breath a smoker can have.
Truckers, smoking brings no benefit to your health. And the best way to stay away is to look for treatments that help you quit smoking, so you can enjoy a germ-free and healthy mouth.

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