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Truckers, learn how to improve your immune system

Truckers, learn how to improve your immune system

These days, a trucker’s health concerns is greater than ever. So, it’s necessary that your body has defenses and is immune to this virus that is taking so many innocent lives. The first thing to do is strengthen your defenses against viral infections.

If the truckers’ immune system is weakened, it is easier for them to end up getting sick thanks to their work routine and stress added to their constant exposure to contamination, bacteria, viruses and others. Staying healthy is very important.

• Adopt a diet with higher zinc consumption

A key trace element for maintaining a strong immune system is zinc. It helps to adjust the production of cells in the defense system. It is also very important for the formation of DNA and white blood cells. In addition to animal proteins the following are good sources of zinc:
- Walnuts
- Dark chocolate
- Integral rice
- Eggs
- Oysters
- Pumpkin seed
- Peanuts

• Eat the basic daily calories

If the truckers skip a meal or does not consume the daily calories necessary for their body, they will notice an energy deficit in their body, because in order for the vital organs to continue working they end up redirecting energy. Consequently, the immune system works poorly.

• Rest appropriately

If the truckers do not rest the necessary hours that their body need, their immune system will be affected. It is very likely that colds or respiratory infections will appear as a consequence of the reduction in the number of cells that make up the immune system caused by not sleeping or getting enough rest.

• Have sexual relations frequently

If the truck drivers have continuous sexual relations with their partners, they can favor the defense mechanisms of their organisms against colds and other diseases.

• Pratice regular physical exercise

Practicing some type of exercise with a moderate intensity and preferably something aerobic, which makes the whole body move, favors truckers to stay healthy. Something like walking in the right clothes and shoes throughout the Truck Stop can be a good way to exercise.

• Consume the vitamins that the body needs

To enhance the function of the immune system. The most suitable nutrients are:
- Vitamin A: Helps to maintain natural barriers against infections
- Vitamin E: Increases the immune response
- Vitamin C: Decreases the duration and severity of colds and flu
- Vitamins of group B: that favor the process of obtaining energy from the food consumed by the trucker and contribute to the formation of red blood cells.

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Date: 6/2020