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Truckers, want to try the 5 most erotic games?

Truckers, want to try the 5 most erotic games?

Truckers don`t have to be experts in Kamasutra to make their sex life spicier. It is possible to maintain passion in the relationship if you know these daring sexual games and put them into practice. They will surely give your minds a break from all the stress generated by driving a truck in traffic.

1- Sexting (Hot text messages)

While truckers are driving on the road, they think of their partner. Thankfully, modern technology has enabled us to communicate through text and video. When they arrive at a truck stop to rest, they can take advantage and have a more intimate connection with their partner even while being far away.

2- Sexy video calls

When resting, the truck drivers will most likely decide to call their partner. Why not transform that call into an intimate video call? After many hours of driving it is relaxing to get in touch with the partner and reach sexual complicity.

3- Slow sex

After a few weeks out, truckers return home eager to see and hug their partner and have a sex right away. Adopting the idea of "slow sex" it will make that encounter even more desired. And if is set rules or challenges, such as doing some household chore to get the prize, it will make the moment of sexual encounter much more expected.

4- Strip poker for couples

Playing a game of strip poker as a couple can be intimate and spicy, mainly on the condition that the one who loses each game must take off a piece of clothing. And so little by little the atmosphere will get more intense, until both decide to head to the bedroom.

5- Play with the senses of the body

If truckers put a mask on their partner or leaves the lights in their room completely off that person`s senses will be ready at work. The touch when caressing a body part or the scent when smelling the cologne will be amplified for the occasion.

6- Sensual striptease

Truckers and their partners can be the protagonists for this game. Undressing can be extremely sexy and a preliminary that generates a lot of libido for both of them. Can be more effective if key elements such as appropriate music and sensual clothing, such as lingerie, are used.


Sex at the Wheels


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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 6/2020