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Warning, truckers!  What you should do after an accident

Warning, truckers! What you should do after an accident

1. The first is to STOP!

When involved in a crash, do not leave the scene until you speak and exchange information with the other person involved and with the police.

2. Keep the control and security in the area

When involved in a minor accident with no injuries, move the vehicle to a safely place, could to the side of the road, out of the way of traffic. If the vehicle cannot be moved it is better to remain in the vehicle with seat belts fastened. Turn on hazard lights and if you have warning triangles use it, this will help other vehicles see you and reduce speed.

3. Call for 911 Medical Assistance

If anyone is injured because of the accident, the emergency number must be called to be assisted.

4. Contact the Police Immediately

Call the police to make a report about the accident, if you can`t do it, instruct someone to do it for you.

5. Do Not Admit Fault

DO NOT discuss the details of the accident with anyone except the police. Be respectful and don`t admit guilt until you talk to a lawyer.

6. It is important to gather information and take photos of the accident

Take pictures of all the vehicles involved and where the accident occurred. Write all the information concerning the incident including:
- Date and time of the collision
- Name of the person involved, address, name of the insurance, policy number
- Driver`s license, if there are others involved ask for the same information.

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