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What should I do if I get hurt at work?

What should I do if I get hurt at work?

If you are employed by a company, report your accident to your supervisor immediately. There are many cases where employees do not report the accident until after a few days when the pain is unbearable. Unfortunately, due to the tardiness of the report, a company will not believe the employee or what they transmit to the worker’s compensation insurance company.

We can all have different types of injuries, but the most common are pones resulting from physical activity. Another common injury is illness due to a consequence of repetitive work or movement.

For example, repeatedly using your hands over the years may result in physical orthopedic injury or even internal injuries. These are also generally caused by working with chemical elements or in areas where there is no good ventilation.

What to do if I report it and my company does not request a doctor nor make any reports?

We suggest that you immediately consult a specialized workers` compensation attorney. Waiting too late will make it difficult and harmful to defend your case. Through experience, we have we have seen employers usually do nothing and end up firing the worker afterwards. They will also say that you never reported the injury to them and convince the insurance company that your claim is out of spite for being fired and not because of actual injury.

What if I still don`t want to see a lawyer?

In that case, if the company did nothing and you do not want to consult a lawyer, we recommend that you at least go to a doctor immediately and inform the doctor how you were injured. This will create a medical record at the medical center that proves your accident happened before your dismissal and will come in handy should you change your mind in the future.


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