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What You Should Know about the Electronic Logbooks Mandate

What You Should Know about the Electronic Logbooks Mandate

Dear trucker friends, as mentioned in the previous article, there will only be a few months left before the law that make obligatory the use of Electronic Logbooks, on all commercial trucks that do interstate trips, goes into effect. The transportation industry has reacted in different ways; there has been cooperation and also resistance. The reality is that regardless of agreeing or not, the mandate will be implemented as of December 17 of this year and it is very important that all of you know the following: It was the same Republican Congress that created the mandate, which has already fought many legal battles in the country`s courts and it is very difficult that it will be legally blocked before its implementation. The use of Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRDs) will continue to be allowed on trucks that are currently using it, but not on new trucks unless an upgrade to the operating system (AOBRDs) is done to work as an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) It is the responsibility of the truck driver to maintain his service hours, since the new system will give more control to the driver to edit the records through the office of his dispatcher. In addition, truckers must count the time and distance separately that the truck will run due to maintenance, etc. Time is running out for operators who have not made the change, since the transition process from the paper system to the electronic system takes time and can be complicated. It is necessary to choose which ELD is the most appropriate. Do its installation and both the driver and the company must learn how to operate it. It is very important to know that the FMCSA does not verify that the ELD providers meet their requirements. For this reason, the ELDs make their own independent tests to certify it and only deliver the documentation to the FMCSA to integrate the FMCSA`s list of ELDs. This means that, even if the ELD is on the list, it does not mean that it will be in accordance with the mandate and could be removed from the list at any time. Company productivity can be affected depending on the type of ELD used and the training provided. All companies must create rules and procedures to prevent them from decreasing productivity. If the ELD breaks down, it is allowed to use of paper logbooks, while repairing or replacing the broken one, but can only be used for a maximum of 8 days.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 6/2017