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Why does the ECM have to be connected to the ELD?

Why does the ECM have to be connected to the ELD?

During the last few years, a lot of information has been shared regarding about the use of the ELDs, but do truckers know how does an ECM and ELD work together? We will share 5 interesting facts:

1- The ELD needs to be completely synchronized with engine of the CMV to further control a driver`s driving hours.
The synchronization between the ECM engine with an ELD is to have the information of the state and movement of the truck like; engine hours, engine off time, miles traveled, and engine power status.

2- No physical connection is required to connect the ECM with an ELD to set synchronization.
The connection will occur by serial and Control Area Network communication protocols, such as Bluetooth connectivity and hard wiring.

3- GPS-derived data for mileage is not a replacement to obtain data from the ECM
Why does the ELD need to monitor the ECM? The information that both share is to see the movement and time of the engine on, but not the collection of the data required by the GPS, since it is a system that only gives you the address of the place where you will arrive to leave your load.

4- The ELD system needs to be prepared in case there is a loss of the connection with the ECM
The ELD has to use historical data and the sensors onboard to detect situations not complying with the ELD specific power essentials regulation.

5- The electronic registration applications that you acquire on your cell phone are not enough to comply with ELD
Many companies use e-log mobile apps to register their logging of HOS but this is not enough regarding compliant ELDs. Because the ELDs need to be connected with the engine control center and those apps don’t do this. It is a necessary ELD hardware.

For more information about ELD and ECM please visit the FMSCA’s website

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2020